Better Early than Late

June 29,2016

At the age of 21, I signed my first professional contract with the Baltimore Ravens of the NFL. Since that initial contract, I have signed about 13...

Highlighting Athletes

Ricks To Rio

June 28,2016

That initial glow of reverence, of hero worship, has vanished. That only-too-human temptation to rubber-neck all the household names, those famous faces, be overwhelmed by the incredible...

Highlighting Athletes

TBrack – From Setbacks to Comebacks

June 23,2016

Getting the Call I’ll never forget how my Journey to the NFL started! I thought getting through college was tough, but trying to make it to the...


Knowledge Is Key

June 22,2016

One of the most powerful truths that I have read about knowledge comes from a biblical verse which reads – ‘my people will perish or will be...

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Olympic Hopeful

June 21,2016

There are no private rituals of remembrance while arranging himself in the starting blocks, awaiting the familiar noise-trigger that precedes 10 seconds of exhaustively-rehearsed blur. No silent...

Women in Sports

Female Coaching And The Importance Of The...

June 16,2016

One of the biggest challenges that athletes face as their professional sports career begins to wind down is finding a meaningful position afterwards. Athletic retirement doesn’t have...


Overcoming Adversity With Faith

June 15,2016

Being a former professional athlete and championship head coach, I have learned that sports is not just about competition and having fun, but it’s a great platform...

Highlighting Coaches

Todd Howard – A Championship Coach

June 14,2016

The journey – an odyssey, really – has been a carved out across leagues and countries and cultures, winding from the cavernous 92,000-seat Rose Bowl, home of...

Gameday Connections

About Us – Gameday Connections

June 13,2016

Welcome to Gameday Connections, we are a social networking and recruiting site  for coaches, support staff, current and former athletes and all job recruiters. The mission of...