Gameday Connections

In a world where technology is constantly growing and evolving, so are the methods that recruiters use to find viable prospects for their sports teams. In every level of play, coaches, scouts, and players alike are utilizing recruiting in the digital age. Growing staff and discovering new talent has never been easier than it is now, and websites such as Gameday Connections allow you to efficiently do just that.

Connect with Coaches

Making connections is the first step to success. Student athletes are able to connect with coaches and job recruiters to take your talent to the next level. Showcasing your skills is easy and all together in one simple interface. Gameday Connections allows you to create portfolios, upload highlights, and interact with those who have the ability to take your game to the big leagues.

Observe the Best Athletes

Gameday Connections brings recruiting to the digital age. With this service, you are able to view athlete’s biographies, highlight film, and social media links all in one central location. Being able to find talent on the field, court, or even the office is just a few clicks away. Recruiting can be one of the most daunting and time-consuming tasks of coaches, but with this technology, it makes that aspect basically automated, only still granting you with complete control. Once you have built your business profile, you will have access to all the most sought after athletes in any sport or level of play. You can also promote your company to gain exposure among athletes that want to be involved in your organization.

Get Involved; Even After You’ve Hung up the Cleats

With Gameday Connections, you can stay involved in the game you love or find a different career path you are sure to be passionate about. The resources, information, and the audience is there for you to broadcast what you are most excited about.  You will also be able to connect with fellow alumni, teammates, and overall broaden your contacts. Contribute to the sport you love in ways you never thought possible. Get back in the game.

Something for Everyone

Agents, Advisors, and Consultants also have a place in the new world of technology. With Gameday Connections, you are able to recruit desired athletes and coaches as your own potential clients, advertise your services, and do what you love most about your job by helping athletes achieve their dreams. Your professional advice has never been easy to give than it is now. Recruiting in the digital age unlocks new tools never before thought to be possible.

Using today’s technological advances will greatly enhance your chances in finding the contacts you are looking for. Broadening the barrier of communication between players, coaches, and employers delivers a better experience for everyone. Recruiting in the digital age is where the future is in finding careers in sports. Individuals wishing to make a career on the court, field, or track won’t be able to find an easier way to keep all their highlights, stats, and offers all in one place. Stop living in the stone age and get with the times today.


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