Gameday Connections

Fish out of water.  That’s how it feels.

For the first time in your life you feel like you are not in control.

As an athlete, you probably had options.  What sport to master.  What position to master. What school to play for.  And, to a degree, you controlled you’re playing time by how hard you worked and trained.

Now, alas, you are facing a new chapter with less options, less direction, and it feels like you are no longer in control.  Fear not.  You are still in great shape.

Rather than list and dissect the unknowns and the things you can’t control, let’s look at it from the other side.  Let’s consider what you do know and what you can control.

Things you can Control

Your Mindset

You know how to endure, work and win.   People want to hire winners.  Hold you head high in the application process.  You are not in a desperation mode.

Your Resume

While you may have never written a resume, you can.  It’s easy.  But, be sure to get feedback from a trusted friend who is an expert in resumes.

Your Interview

You can control your performance in your interview.  Again, find a trusted adviser and get some training.  Get as ready as possible for each interview.

Your Network

Make lists of people that might be able to help you land a job.  Look both on and off-campus.  Ask coaches, friends and family for leads.  Leave no stone unturned until you secure a job that fits.

Your Expectations

Ask trusted advisers to help you understand the types of jobs that you currently are qualified for.  You don’t want to waste your time barking up the wrong tree.

Your Calendar

You can determine how little or how much time you put into this pursuit. Get as many lines in the water as you possibly can and stay tenacious.



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