Gameday Connections

Older coaches will soon enough be looking toward retirement or stepping into another field of work entirely. Many coaches may have younger coaches working for them. This can be a big advantage when seeking out that next stage of life.

Build Relationships

Build those relationships while you still have them. While you may be in much of a mentoring role with some of the younger coaches you are associated with, remember, allowing those coaches to get to know your strengths and other interests, outside of the game, could allow them to connect you to that next job through one of their networked connections.

Be receptive to those younger assistants. Take their suggestions and use them. Make them feel a part of the team. They will see your desire to work together and see how you want ideas from others to be a part of their game plan. This will show them that you are able to be flexible in working with others and may clue them in to another situation where your working style may be a good fit.

Have a Positive Outlook

Have a good attitude about what the future holds. You never know where you may end up. Don’t let this be detrimental. Look, with optimism, at the future. You want others to see that you are not defined by your current situation. Be open to change and look at the positives for how it can help you moving forward.

Be prepared. Have an idea of how you can use lessons you’ve learned in coaching and how you can apply those to future jobs in other areas. This will show others that you are not tied to what you are doing now. You should look at new opportunities as a way that you can develop those skills you’ve learned. It may simply look different than in the coaching realm. That’s not a bad thing.


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