Gameday Connections

Let’s be real, we are living in an ever-changing world. There may not be any faster-changing part of life than social media. It’s dynamic. New technologies are developed all the time. New apps and forms of social media are popping up day after day. It’s easy to fall behind on what the new trend is in the social-media world that we all live in.

Older coaches may feel as though they cannot keep up. Don’t worry, many who have previously felt this way are learning how to live in this era. Here are a few keys to remember when thinking about and using social media:

Adapt – The climate in social media is always changing. Be ready for this. Rather than being cynical and thinking about potential negative aspects of new forms of social media, think about how it can be used positively in connecting with a younger generation. High school athletes love the feeling of inclusion and having a connection with an older, wiser generation. When used properly, social media can be a tool to make that connection with someone who views or thinks about things in a way that may be different than you.

Network – Be on the lookout. Find opportunities to reach out to those around you (in person or on social media). Those connections can often times point you to resources or more efficient ways of doing things with social media.

Be Proactive – Social media is advancing, quickly. When you hear about a new form of social media, go after it. Give it a shot. You don’t want to be reactive — playing catch up when high school recruits are already advanced in a new platform.

Be Teachable – Find someone who knows more than you. Learn from them. This could be a former player, child, or nephew or niece. Many times they know more than you about social media, but they can teach as well.


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