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What High School Players Need to Know When Transitioning to College

Leaving home for college can be hard on any student.  New surroundings.  New faces.  Classes. Financial issues.  Lots of potential stress triggers.

For student-athletes, the pressure is accelerated.  Not only do you feel the normal pressures of transitioning to college, but you also have the added stress of being under a microscope of your school fan base.  These people are serious, crazy even.

So, what other pitfalls does a student-athlete need to be aware of?  Identifying them on the front-end could spare you some turmoil.

Listen to Your Coach

This is the most important relationship you have.  This person believes in you and wants the best for you and the team.  Keep building trust with him and never speak poorly of him to anyone.

Be a Great Teammate

Some teammates will be disloyal.  You can count on that unfortunate fact.  Don’t be one of them.  Honor your mates always.

Never be alone with strangers. You cannot trust anyone.  You are a target.  Protect yourself.

Establish rules with roommates, especially if they are teammates. Too many team relationships become ruined over issues in the apartment.  Establish boundaries early on.

Live Within Your Means

Don’t borrow money from anyone.  Work for money.  Earn it.

Always Follow Team Policies, Especially with Supplements

No matter how many times they warn athletes, some people just won’t listen.  Be relentless in your pursuit to follow the rules.

Never Forget Your People at Home

These will always be your most treasured relationships.  Don’t neglect them.


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