Gameday Connections

When it comes to social media, athletes will take one of three approaches.

Let’s look at them.


Some athletes choose not to tap into the social media as a mechanism by which to communicate with the public.  Some athletes just aren’t wired that way. They get all the attention they need on the field of play.  For others, maybe they aren’t comfortable with what to say or how to say it.  Still others just underestimate the value of the opportunity. No matter what the reason, many athletes will never pursue a platform on social media.

Brand Destruction

Social media accounts are, by definition, amoral.  They are neither good nor evil, and can be used for either good or evil.  How the account is used is something that can only be determined by the athlete, themselves.   Unfortunately, too many times athletes use their social media platform in ways that destroy their own brand.  Words are powerful, more-so than young athletes might think.  Common errors include making lewd statements, posting distasteful pics, attacking other players, or taking political positions.

Brand Building

Smart athletes use the social media to build their image.  They see social media as an opportunity for good… a chance to make more money and to encourage their fan base.

Building your brand doesn’t happen by accident.  It takes some strategic planning.

Keep your message simple and consistent. Every tweet, pic and post should be consistent with your character, objectives and passion.  Never go on social media when you are angry or emotional.

Keep your messages short and concise.  Where many words are spoken, trouble is not far off.

Post with purpose.  Try not to be frivolous.  Frivolous activity will build a shallow base of followers.


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