Gameday Connections

Being a student athlete is one of the most challenging roles a young person can play, especially if they are attending a prestigious college. Not only do student athletes have a responsibility to keep their grades up, but they have to attend daily practices, along with games most weekends. Student athletes must also balance having fun with ensuring they are prepared for their post-college careers. And those students who hope to make it to the professional level may want to learn how to create the ultimate highlight reel of their college performances. A highlight reel would help student athletes showcase their talents to scouts, coaches and agents as they attempt to find a position at a professional team.

Creating the Ultimate Highlight Reel to Get Noticed

In the past, even if a student learned how to create the ultimate highlight reel, they were limited to sending out DVDs of those highlights to coaches – in the hopes that someone would take an interest in their game. But thanks to the creation of social platforms such as Gameday Connections, student athletes are now able to post those highlight reels online. When an athlete joins Gameday Connections, they create a profile where they put in all their personal and college information.

For example, an athlete’s profile may reveal their name, age, college, sport of choice, position on the sports team and statistics about their collegiate playing career. Having this information on the social network would allow professional coaches, talent scouts and sports agents to see if they might have an interest in signing the player. But when a player learns how to create the ultimate highlight reel, they are able to put compelling visual information about their athletic prowess on the site. When a talent scout or professional coach looks at the footage, they can get an immediate sense about the player’s quality and skill level.

Not only are players able to get noticed by talent scouts or coaches through Gameday Connections, but many players end up connecting with their sports agent through the site. Agents are always on the lookout for new talent, and if they are impressed by a player’s highlight reel, they may want to represent the player.

When it comes to creating a great highlight reel, players have to focus on all the positive aspects of their game. While it is tempting to only showcase the flashiest moments of their performances, it is also a good idea to show highlights where the player proved invaluable to their team. For example, if a college basketball player only includes highlights of them making shots, a coach or talent scout could assume the player was selfish on the court. But if their highlight reel included passes, defense work and rebounds, they would create a better impression.

Learning how to create the ultimate highlight reel is so important for student athletes who are determined to make the step from playing Division I athletics to being on a professional sports team. And with Gameday Connections, students can use those highlight reels to attract interest from pro teams around the nation!



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