Gameday Connections

Transitioning from athletics to another career is often the hardest thing college and pro players have to go through. While many people assume the injuries and recovery periods are the worst for athletes, giving up the game they love is the hardest thing they will ever do. But thanks to the network athletes build up over their career, they are able to find some terrific opportunities when their playing days are over. And now, former athletes getting in touch with one another has become even easier, thanks to the advent of social platforms such as Gameday Connections.

Former Athletes Getting in Touch with One Another Through Gameday Connections

When athletes use social platforms like Gameday Connections, they are able to create a profile, send messages to teammates, coaches and other acquaintances, and leverage their connections to further their post-playing career. But even if an athlete is not looking for a job right after playing, they can use these social platforms to maintain and build their friendships with the guys they met during their playing days.

For instance, many athletes end up playing for multiple teams during their career, and they make friends with players on all those teams. A social platform means players can stay in contact with each other, even when they are no longer playing for the same team or living in the same city. These social platforms are also great for players to keep up with their former and current coaches, while they can also get in touch with sports executives and agents as they look to develop their contacts in the game. Leveraging contacts is something every athlete has to do at some point in their career. Whether it is to get a better contract, find an endorsement deal or get a job when they are done playing, these contacts can come in handy for players.

Former athletes getting in touch with one another through social platforms helps create deeper and long-lasting relationships between players, coaches, agents and other sports personnel. If a player is close to retirement, and they are thinking about what they want to do next, they can seek guidance and assistance from their former teammates who went through the same phase in their lives. These players can also use Gameday Connections to get in touch with former coaches who may have connections to other industries. These connections can often lead to a job interview, or even a job.

Giving up the game you love is never easy, but athletes have to accept their lives will change after they are done playing. And by using Gameday Connections, former players are able to better transition to their new career. Former athletes getting in touch with one another through Gameday Connections can not only maintain their friendships for many years, but they can leverage those friendships to try and find a job after they are done playing. Some former athletes work as coaches or pundits, while others find jobs in entirely new industries. But most former athletes leverage their sports connections to find those jobs!


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