It is only possible to fully understand sports agent marketing if you fully comprehend the duties and responsibilities of a sports agent. Their job is no cakewalk. When they are doing their job efficiently, sports agents are there to assist teams, coaches, and players with the personnel and employment decisions they must make each season. Some agents prefer to work exclusively with players, while others will also have coaches as their clients. In either case, a sports agent is there to provide his or her clients with the assistance they need to further their career.


Sports Agent Marketing and Gameday Connections

The keys to sports agent marketing in the 21st century revolve around the internet. While face to face conversations and relationships are still a very important part of signing new clients, most successful sports agents use the internet and social platforms to their advantage. The leading social platform is Gameday Connections, where athletes, coaches and sports agents are able to communicate with each other from around the country. Gameday Connections not only allows agents to set up a profile, but it also lets them communicate directly with players and coaches as they look to sign them to their agency.


Marketing Yourself

Being successful as a sports agent is all about marketing – both yourself and your clients. An agent must know their own worth, and they must be able to convince players or coaches of their worth within minutes if they ever hope to sign them. A player or coach is not going to spend 30 minutes in conversation with an agent before they make their mind up about them. Most individuals will exchange a few short emails or have one short phone call with an agent, and this communication will determine whether or not they are even interested in pursuing the agent to represent them.


Due Diligence

An agent must do their due diligence before they contact someone. If your first few sentences to a player or coach involve questions about them, you are not doing your job properly. An agent must know everything they can possibly find out about a player or coach before initiating communication. Why is this important? Because the only way an agent can convince someone to sign for their agency is by demonstrating how they can steer the player or coach’s career in the right direction. And you can only understand how to boost a player or coach’s career if you know all about their history in the sport.


Marketing Your Brand

Much like salesmen, sports agents must not take rejection personally. An agent is going to find themselves rejected many times – it is the nature of the job. Some players and coaches will already have agents, or they may have no interest in speaking with an agent at that time. For the agent, it is all about persevering with their strategy, talking with as many players and coaches as possible, and attempting to make a good impression in the few minutes they get to talk with these individuals. But the more clients you sign, the easier it gets, because you can point to those high-profile clients as proof of your skills as an agent. Remember, marketing your skills means marketing your brand.


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