Gameday Connections

Working as a recruiter for a prestigious college or professional sports team is no cake walk. From the outside, it may seem as though recruiters have no problem making connections with top prospects on the playing and coaching side of the game, but the reality is a little more complicated. If you are attempting to shake up your recruiting methods in order to attract better players and coaches to your program, you may have to think about changing up the way you are connecting with these individuals from the start.


Social Platforms

The best way to recruit the best prospects is by connecting with athletes and coaches through social platforms. Thanks to the internet, we now have the capability of connecting with players, prospects, coaches and staff members through focused social platforms and email. For instance, the social platform Gameday Connections is known for providing individuals in the sports world with all the necessary tools to make new relationships with players and coaches. If you are serious about recruiting the best, you may want to consider making a profile to engage with prospects on a whole new level.


Social Networking

In the past, recruiters relied on the relationships they had built in their sport of choice, which enabled them to meet the rising stars within the sport. It also enabled them to communicate with coaches who may be looking for a new challenge in their career. And these methods of recruiting athletes and coaches are still viable, but it is also a good idea to make direct connections with the people you want to recruit into your program. Whether you are placing ads on a social platform regarding your current vacancies, or you are reaching out to specific individuals, these platforms can really help you as you look to lure the best talent into your organization or program.


Social Interaction

Using social platforms will also provide recruiters with up to date information about the latest camps, showcases and tournaments where athletes and coaches are congregating. Major high school and college sports events are the perfect place to meet various players, their coaches and other individuals who play a major role in the sport. These events are also a great opportunity for recruiters to watch players and coaches in action, instead of relying on second hand reports and videos. A recruiter can always post a notice on the social platform when they are planning to attend an event, as it would allow interested players and coaches to get in touch with you about setting up a meeting.


Connecting with the Best

Recruiting for sports teams and colleges can sometimes be a cut-throat business. There are a handful of schools and teams, and they are all looking to snag the best talent for their organization. Unless recruiters adapt with the times and make every effort to communicate with athletes and coaches, they could find themselves at the back of the line when it comes to getting talented players and coaches. A recruiter must be proactive about reaching out to players and coaches for their athletic organization or program.


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